Popover & Tooltips

Popovers Example

Add small overlay content, like those found in iOS, to any element for housing secondary information.

Bootstrap Tooltips

Hover over the links below to see tooltips:


The default tippy tooltip looks like this when given no options. It has a nifty backdrop filling animation!


Arrows point toward the reference element. There are two different types of arrows: sharp and round. You can transform the proportion and scale of the arrows any way you like.


Tooltips can be interactive, meaning they won't hide when you hover over or click on them.


Tooltips can have different types of animations.


A tippy can have different transition durations.


Tooltips can contain HTML, allowing you to craft awesome interactive popovers.

Look! The Dastone logo is inside a Dastone.


A tippy can have any kind of theme you want! Creating a custom theme is a breeze.


Tippy has a ton of features, and it's constantly improving.

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